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Submission Policy:
We love to hear your feedback, suggestions, ideas & funny stories.
Use our online submission form or send your submissions to:
The Classified Guys
12 Bates Place
Danbury, CT 06810
or email them to: comments@classifiedguys.com
or leave a message toll-free at (888) 242-3644
Now here is the legal stuff you need to know:
It should be understood that by voluntarily submitting information, feedback, suggestions, funny stories and other content (including personal information) to The Classified Guys LLC, that such submissions are non-confidential for all purposes. In addition, submissions become the property of The Classified Guys LLC and that all title and interest therein, including all rights of copyright, shall vest with The Classified Guys LLC at the time they are published in any form (such as in The Classified Guys column, on www.classifiedguys.com, in promotional materials, on the radio or other media formats).

It may be necessary to edit submissions for brevity and clarity in order to adaptable for use. By voluntarily sending submissions in no way creates any obligation or duty on the part of The Classified Guys LLC to use such materials or, if we do so, to give you credit.

We're Sorry but submissions cannot be acknowledged or returned. Due to various considerations, usable items may not be published for six months or more.

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