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Newspapers requested it and Cash & Carry delivered it. Now there is a whole new series of promotional ads, billboard artwork and honor box campaigns. The Classified Guys are continuing to breathe new life into a newspaper’s classified section.

The new promotional campaign caters to a newspaper’s consumer demographic while emphasizing its strong entertainment value. In addition, several ads promote the weekly submission contest where readers can receive $50 and a copy of Cash & Carry’s book for submissions published in the column. Beginning March 2002 the column is available in full color as well as the original black & white.

The Classified Guys themselves are also available for one-on-one interviews with editors and reportors so newspapers can promote the column and their newspaper with human-interest articles. If you are interested in this opportunity, contact Kathie Kerr, Communications Director, Universal Press Syndicate, 1-800-255-6734.

The new advertising is available in our
newspaper section.

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