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The Ultimate Car Selling Kit is Here! Press Release

The Ultimate Car Selling Kit is here! The Classified Guys released their new product designed to boost newspaper-classified revenue.

"Readers who sell their car on the first try, thank the newspaper ad," says Duane Holze, co-owner of The Classified Guys' Syndication Company. "That translates into repeat advertising for the newspaper."

Between financing, leasing and DMV regulations, selling a car on your own is more complicated than ever. The Ultimate Car Selling Kit gives you the advantage. Exclusive to the kit is The Classified Guys' newest book entitled, "Getting Top Dollar." The 45-page guide reveals the secrets to advertising, getting the ultimate price and a special section, "Making the most of your newspaper ad."

"Classified managers have been asking us for ideas to boost classified revenue," says Todd Holze, brother and co-owner of The Classified Guys. "We responded with a product that helps both the newspaper and their readers."

The Guys even include a second book entitled "Readers' Favorite Car Comedy." The hilarious original includes the best automotive humor from their nationally syndicated column, "The Classified Guys." The kits can be used for incentive programs, contest prizes or premiums. Kits may be ordered individually, in bulk or even drop shipped directly to a newspaper's customer.

For more information, contact The Classified Guys at 1-203-798-0462 or request information online at www.ClassifiedGuys.com

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