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The Classified Guys column has developed a new re-occurring revenue stream worth $13,000 per year for The News-Times (Danbury, CT; division of Ottaway Newspapers, Inc.; Circulation: 35,000)

The column was strategically placed at the top of the page in their classified section. A 9-column (13-inches wide) by 2-inch advertising space was sectioned out below it and was offered as an up sell to a current advertiser at a premium. The local Ford/Subaru/Mitsubishi dealer took the spot specifically under the column to promote their used car inventory. The Classified Guys' column will now generate $250 per week, ($13,000 per year), in new advertising revenue while continuing to drive their classified readership.

With the high visibility and notoriety The Classified Guys have brought to The News-Times, their advertiser loved the idea of having their ad next to one of their most popular anchor columns. It has solidified the advertising account and generated a high level of satisfaction. Most importantly, it created a new re-occurring revenue stream that will last for years.

For more information on generating advertising using The Classified Guys TM column, contact: Paul Evans, Director of New Business Development, The News-Times, Phone (203) 731-3416, email: pevans@newstimes.com.

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