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The Classified Guys Column Gets an Extreme Makeover Press Release

Drive classified readership and capture a younger demographic. That's the strategy behind The Classified Guys' new column format and redesign. Releasing Feb 29, the design is a direct response to reader feedback and classified manager input.
"The Classified Guys have had an extreme makeover," says co-author Todd Holze. "We look better and read better. The opening Q&A comes directly from our readers wanting the no-holds-bared approach to the classifieds." Following the Q&A, "Fast Facts" offer the real-life information readers need to capitalize on the power of the classifieds. The column finishes with the popular sections of the previous version; the humorous reader story and funny classified ad.
The column sports a new graphical layout capturing reader attention and giving it a magazine-like feel. While modifying the column, the guys streamlined their themes concentrating on seven classified categories readers ask about most: employment, automotive, real estate, personals, pets, general merchandise and yard sales.
Read by an estimated 8-million weekly readers, the column is geared specifically for use with newspaper classifieds. The column change comes after more than three years of publication.
"We're excited about the change," says co-author Duane Holze. "It offers readers more advice and humor on the do's and don'ts of classified shopping."
For more information contact The CLassified Guys at 1-203-798-0462 for information or samples.

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