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Volume 128

Garage Sale Kits Work!

A recent survey found that nearly 75% of newspapers nationwide use Garage Sale Kits to add value to their classified ads.

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Quality Does Matter!

What you give away is a reflection of your publication and classified program. Giving away items of high quality with a greater perceived value has proven to encourage newspaper ad sales.

Product Giveaways Work!

Everyone loves something for free! Retailers have successfully used this idea for decades. Giving away a tangible product with an ad leads to better customer satisfaction, increased customer spending and more repeat business.

All-Weather Signs!

TIP: Always use

an all-weather sign that stands up to the elements

It gives your publication the image it deserves.

All signs from The Classified Guys are heavy-duty, all-weather, screen printed, plastic-coated

and 100% made in USA.

Newspaper’s Use Garage Sale Kits More Than Ever.

It seems that newspapers looking to beef-up their classified revenue are turning to garage sale kits for help. It’s an idea that’s been used for years, but in today’s economy is working better than ever. The number of garage sales is on the

rise and newspapers are cashing in by using these popular give- aways as a way to attract cus- tomers and keep them coming. Below are some of the most popu- lar uses of garage sale kits by newspapers around the country.

#1: Selling More Ads with Package Deals!

Newspapers find giving away a Free Garage Sale Kit actually increases their ad sales and produces more revenue than selling ads alone. And the customer’s perception is more value for their money!

#2: Branding Their Newspaper’s Name

Every Garage Sale Kit that a publication gives away is free advertising around town.

Newspapers become “known” for their high-quality garage sale kits and fluorescent signs, resulting in both new and repeat business.

#3: Creating a Garage Sale Center

Giving away a free Garage Sale Kit can generate additional over-the- counter revenue. Newspapers create a Garage Sale Center in their front lobby and sell additional signs, sign stakes and labels as a convenience to their customers who come in to pick up their free kit.

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