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  Boost Your Classifieds!

Between Ebay and Craigslist...your classified revenue is under attack! And most newspapers don't know how to compete, attract new readers and add value to the classified section. Enter...The Classified Guys!
Their high visibility has made the feature a proven source for bringing readers back to the classifieds and generating new and lasting advertising revenue.

Make Your Front Page Pop

Your masthead is one of the most important areas of your classifieds. It defines the section and contains critical advertising and contact information. Use The Classified Guys to make your classified section the first page people open. The fully paginated feature is specifically designed to span the page and allow you to highlight areas of importance.
Premium Parking for Advertisers

It's one of the most popular uses of the feature for a reason. It works! Section banner advertising below the feature to create a premium position for one or more advertisers. The opportunity to be next to the popular column brings a premium rate that's easy to sell and generates lasting revenue.

Advertising Upsell

Small Ads are an easy upsell opportunity. Advertisers who use business service line ads compete to be at the top of the column with names like "AAA" or "#1". With just a few telephone calls, your newspaper can upsell those advertisers into premium advertising positions.

Featured in National and International Magazines & Publications for boosting readership and advertising.
Our classified front-page is now the highlight of the whole newspaper!
You guys were the perfect addition.
Thanks so much!
  Cheryl B., Classified Advertising Manager
In less than an hour I upsold four
advertisers for under the column.
I couldn't believe it!
  Brian S., Inside Sales Manager
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