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Established in 1998, The Classified Guys is now a leading provider of classified content and services.

Duane and Todd on stage hosting the George Carlin concert in CT.
It began with brothers Duane and Todd Holze. Their passion for buying and selling in the classifieds amazed everyone. But to them it was second nature. In early 1999, they released their book entitled, “50% OFF! How to Find Great Deals”. Today it is still the only book written to teach consumers the dos and don'ts of classified shopping.
Their success soon took the Guys in another direction. In August 2000, they self-syndicated The Classified Guys, a comedy column created from the feedback of their earlier achievements.

The column skyrocketed in sales being published in over 100 newspapers within just six months. They were featured in industry magazines like NAA's “Presstime” and INMA “Ideas” and showcased at association conferences throughout the US. Immediately the Guys quit their day jobs as engineers and never looked back.

In 2001 they caught the attention of executives at Universal Press Syndicate, the largest independent syndicate in the U.S. And in 2002 they signed on as creators.
However, the Guys still weren't satisfied. Over the next two years they saw an increasing need in the newspaper-classified industry. Classified executives were constantly asking for new ideas and better service from the syndication world.

The Classified Guys have been featured world wide.
Once again Duane and Todd took action. They amicably left Universal Press Syndicate and launched The Classified Guys Syndication Company. Devoted to the highest level of customer service, they redesigned their column, created new products and now stand as one of the most highly respected providers of content and services for the newspaper classified industry.

About the Guys
Meet the guys that make classifieds read like a comic strip.
Meet the Guys

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