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Cash & Carry's
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The Classified Guys
...two guys who make the classifieds read like a comic strip.

If you haven't guessed it from their nick-names, "Cash and Carry" are unique. These guys not only share their advice on getting the best deals, but they have some of the most amusing real-life stories you’ll ever hear.

But before this "Click and Clack" type duo became successful authors, columnists and public speakers, they were both high-tech engineers

Duane "Cash" Holze is a former Design and Applications Engineer with a background in programming & streamlining manufacturing systems. Todd "Carry" Holze worked in the field of Precision Engineering as a Quality and Engineering Manager.

However, the stiff world of engineering was no match for this comedy duo. Now they are known for being the funniest (and busiest) guys in the classifieds.

Their Nicknames
Where did the nicknames come from?
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